We work with our methodology and an experienced technical team in the analysis and validation of projects to mitigate risks originated in this phase, besides contributing directly to the deadline and cost goals of the enterprise.

Main risks identified in the Project phase:

✓ Projects incompatible with implementation conditions

✓ Projects are incompatible with the conditions of deployment;
✓ Project with not enough information, physical or logical incompatibility/interference, dimensioning errors;
✓ Project does not meet the requirements defined by the client;
✓ Incompatible delivery of projects and construction schedule;
✓ Execution cost of the projected product inconsistent with the enterprise-estimated budget;
✓ Different solutions for similar installations - lack of standard;

Among some activities of our scope of action in the Analysis and Validation of Project, using methodology and solution via our web, we highlight the following features:

✓ Planning and Control of Projects;
✓ Analysis of design solutions according to technical parameters of acceptance, norms and current legislation;
✓ Compatibility of all projects;
✓ Analysis of physical and logical interferences between the projected and the actual field situation and the characteristics of the equipment to be installed;

Key features in our online Project Management System (PRIMANAGER):

✓ Control, query and traceability of all revisions
✓ Mask definition in the project folder
✓ Assignment of responsible person
✓ Markups
✓ Comments
✓ Opinion by file and sheets
✓ Compare versions
✓ Lock and Unlock Files