The "Planejamento Real e Integrado" methodology was developed in 1978 aiming at the optimization in the planning of works to guarantee the achievement of productivity goals, costs and deadlines in addition to the desired quality.

The mission at the time was to improve the planning of the works to obtain the desired quality, higher productivity, reduction of costs and accomplishment of deadline goals. Within this concept, Planning should be carried out as close to reality as possible, simulating all stages, including those that are more "difficult to predict".

Another essential feature of the methodology is the concept of planning as an instrument developed with the participation of experienced professionals in each type of construction method of its area of activity in the construction company. It means that the work plan is done not only by planning professionals, but mainly by specialists from different areas, based on the type of work, working in an integrated and non-isolated way. Since its inception, the PRI methodology is a milestone in consulting engineering for project management, and today it is incorporated into the Bureau Veritas Infrastructure and Construction division.

It means that the planning would not only be carried out by planning professionals, but mainly by specialists in each type of work and technology, being developed in an integrated and not "isolated" way.

For such, viewing and understanding the proposed planning was elemental, so that it would become accessible to the various professionals that would individually contribute with their experience in the elaboration of the plan to access it.

This is how the concept of Planejamento Real e Integrado (PRI - Real and Integrated Planning) was born.

Over the years, the work methodology has evolved, becoming the integrated web management system called PRIMANAGER, which was developed internally considering the company experience and the best international project management practices, such as the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) of the PMI (Project Management Institute).

Generally, the focus of attention of the management ends up being the famous triple constraints, and to obtain the result expected by the client, the company relies on its innovative methodology that is consolidated through successful cases over more than 30 years of operations in the more diverse areas of engineering.


Our objective is to provide engineering services in the areas of projects, management of works and projects, planning and technical studies in general.

A unique and exclusive system of management, planning and control of works, created and developed internally by our team of engineers.

We have experience in many areas of engineering, working in the following segments:

Energy and Telecommunication
Ports and Airports
Subway and Railway
Commercial and Industrial Buildings
Housing, Education, Health, Sports and Culture
Sanitation and Environment
Social Works
Oil and Gas


Inspection Checklist Database

Sistema PRI Engenharia was a pioneer and innovator in creating the PRI methodology for over 30 years, with the main objective of avoiding unforeseen deviations that would compromise project planning and goals.

One of the pillars of its methodology is related to the development of inspection checklist templates, in order to highlight and evidence the correct execution of each service according to our quality standard.

The company has an Inspection Checklist Database centralized and controlled by the PMO sector (Project Management Office), ensuring full standardization of services performed by field staff.

To review and/or prepare new checklist templates, we analyze the norms, existing laws, common pathologies and other information that may have an impact on the service that is going to be executed.

See the Work Process in the next infographic.

Project Management Office - PMO

GOAL: To maintain, develop and improve procedures and the company's work methodology, ensuring that they are properly applied by all employees, according to the quality standard.


  • Web Project Management System - PRIMANAGER

    PRIMANAGER is a web system that has been developed over years of experience in managing projects and works, in various fields of engineering, through a specific methodology and integrated to international concepts of the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) from PMI (Project Management Institute).

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  • The information is standardized, integrated and consolidated in real time, for all hierarchical structure, in order to facilitate the decision making.

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  • Extremely user friendly interface

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  • Easy customization and/or integration with
    legacy systems

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  • Traceability of all actions executed in the system

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  • Adherence to international best
    practices of project management

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  • Quick setup and configuration, with
    full access control

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  • Data hosting following international
    security standards

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  • Customized reports per user

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  • Help module in the system with user
    guide, tips, podcasts and videos

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  • Notifications that can be configured per user, via email and system, with follow up of deviations and actions

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  • Meets expectation of operational and management staff

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  • In-house developed system

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  • Georeferenced information of each project

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