In this industry, we work directly in the execution phase, conducting and supervising the works carried out by the construction company, focusing on the deadline, cost, quality and scope constraints.

Bureau Veritas relies on a vast base of organizational process assets. Such assets are updated and maintained by the PMO. Some assets are a bank of supervision files for each service to be executed in the field considering: specification of the project, standards, recurrent pathologies, safety at work, environment, documentation, service items to be performed, among others.

The bank of supervision files is standardized to service the various market segments: housing, highways, buildings, subways and railways, ports and airports, energy, etc.

The primary goal of this methodology concept created more than 35 years ago is to minimize unforeseen distortions and deviations that jeopardize the planning and the deadlines of the enterprise. One of the pillars of this methodology is related to the development of supervision files for the services to be executed to show the correct execution and to ensure the quality of the services, controlled by the PMO (Project Management Office) sector, guaranteeing total standardization of functions performed by the field team.

Bureau Veritas has a centralized and controlled Bank of the PMO (Project Management Office), ensuring total standardization of services performed by the field team. For review and/or elaboration of new files, the rules, current legislation, pathologies and other information that may affect the services to be executed are analyzed.